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Dr. Ken shares his latest tools and techniques for mastering the mental game of football so you can achieve sustainable football excellence!

"Your mind has the power to create whatever reality you want - learning how to harness that power is the key"

~ Dr. Kenneth Kern

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About Dr. Kern

Dr. Kenneth Kern, MD, MPH, MS FACS, FSSO is an Executive Medical Director in pharmaceutical medicine and a cancer research physician, with a strong interest in goal achievement, and goal setting under crisis. Dr. Kern knows something about goal setting in critical situations, both medically, and in the career setting. He is an expert in methods that might be used to set goals when major life changes occur, or during a business crisis, because he has had to do this himself. 


Sixteen years ago, in the middle of a busy cancer surgery career, he sustained a critical illness requiring him to abandon his career in surgery and change careers completely. After recovering fully, and as a result of that experience, he has focused consulting and speaking efforts on teaching individuals (teens through adults) and business groups (both small and large) how to evaluate, test, and re-align goal setting with emotional drivers of success. By helping people achieve this critical alignment between goals and personal emotional motivators, he is able to to help people understand how they can make the right choice in a crisis, and achieve personal  and business success.

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Dr. Kenneth Kern,

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