Dr. Ken (Kenneth Kern, MD) is a real physician and highly-trained stage and entertainment hypnotist, with many years of experience in stage hypnosis, including 16 performances on-stage at the Tropicana Hotel, in Las Vegas. He has been a 2-time hypnotist contestant on America's Got Talent, Seasons 10 and 11, in Los Angeles.  

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Dr. Ken's hypnosis background is coupled to many years of training in acting, dramatic arts, and mentalism. For many years he has produced his own stage shows combining hypnosis with scientific mentalism.


Dr. Ken uses his knowledge and training in hypnosis, mentalism, and the theater arts to produce a show dedicated to producing happiness, laughter, and creative fun for people of all ages, along with surprising insights into the power of the mind.  

As an educator and expert in Mind-Science, Dr. Ken also performs his BELIEVE IT AND YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT mind-science show for Middle-School, High School and College students.  


SAFE School Events and Assemblies, a personal project of Dr. Ken, has gained a reputation for excellence with content that is highly entertaining and engaging but also appropriate for all ages.  

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